Sunday, December 10, 2017


I have a great story behind this next project. 

 When my Dad and Mom married in 1962, they were given a beautiful Wedgewood cigarette holder. It's funny that neither one of them smoked, but the delicate blue and white container just spoke of Mom's favorite colors.  This would be my inspiration for updating the Trumeau mirror.

Before picture.....I originally bought this piece because of the raised cherub in the top of the mirror.

I laid a piece of newspaper on the mirror itself and taped around the edges so I wouldn't have to clean paint off the mirror.  This really saves time after painting.

I used all Annie Sloan products on the mirror. I purchased a small bottle of Louis Blue-my favorite Annie Sloan color.  I also bought a bottle of the white wax too.  It is always fun to try a new product and I was hoping to have a white film on top of the blue to tone it down.  Clear wax from Annie Sloan was going to be used for the top coat.  I love the way the clear wax buffs out.

This picture shows the first coat which does not cover completely.  That is ok since I was planning to paint two coats.

Here is a close up of the first coat.

Notice how much brighter and more uniform the coverage is after the second coat.


Once the second coat was dry, I applied the white wax.  It subdues the blue color. 

Then I applied the clear wax, let it dry and buffed it out.  I liked the finish but it was missing something.

In order to make the raised areas pop, I used a small paint brush and painted those areas with white chalk paint.  I immediately wiped off the surfaces of the white paint with a rag so the recessed areas would pop...and they did.

Once I was satisfied with the end product, I clear waxed over the previously painted white areas.

I think I accomplished my idea of painting the mirror in lines with the Wedgewood cigarette holder. I think Mom would love it.

Here is the before and after.  I think it is a huge improvement.  And the piece fits in perfectly with the new and improved guest room.

Well, this project is almost done--wait, there is just one more project.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


Happy St. Nicholas Day!
and now on to today's project...

Here is the culprit to my bleed through frustration.  I painted this at least 15 years ago before chalk paint.
Since this dresser resides in the bedroom I was updating, I thought I would give it another shot.  I was tired of looking at the orange bleed through.  The bleed through is caused from the oils in the wood. 
After research on this problem, it is recommended after sanding a piece of furniture to apply a coat of sealer.  I found a great spray on product.  This time I did not sand down to the bare wood.  I roughed up the piece with the sander, cleaned it off with a damp cloth before applying the sealer.

Even the drawers had bleed through.  What an eyesore!

While sanding, I noticed that one of the drawers was falling apart.  I had to take a step back and glue and clamp the drawer, so I had to wait another day to paint.

Taping came next.

Once everything was taped, I sprayed the entire surfaces with the Zinnser spray shellac.  It dries in about 30 minutes.
I purchased a similar type of chalk paint from Maison Blanche called Maison White.

Here is the top after one coat of the paint.  So far, so good.

I had a bit of bleed through so I sprayed another coat on top of the problem areas.  Then I top coated it.  I replaced the top two drawers with glass knobs just to add a bit of class.

Unfortunately, I still experienced a bit of bleed through but I decided to live with it.  Instead of waxing, I used a new product, Milk Paint Co. dead flat finishing cream.  Oh my goodness!! How easy is the application with this product.  I used a 1 inch foam brush and put a coat on all the painted areas.  No buffing, but a nice protective, non yellowing top coat.

This dresser looks 95% better, so I am just going to live with it.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


I think you know that my favorite expression-from trash to treasure- is my living testament.

Over the years, I have used an Advent wreath base made by my father. 

 This year, I wanted to put a twist on it.  I went into my storage armoire and started pulling out glass vessels.  I came up with a glass pepper shaker and three crystal candles.

After placing the candles in the vessels, my 'wreath' was done.  I believe that it is stately besides being practical.

Sometimes simple is better.....

I added the mercury pillars with candles.

Something was missing from my simple Advent wreath.
A large mercury ornament rounded out the vignette. 

I realize that there are no greens, therefore no wreath.  However, the 4 candles are present, so this year, this is our Advent 'wreath'.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


I apologize for neglecting the postings  last week.  With a trip to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with my family, the blog was forgotten.  In order to step up my game, I began decorating today.  I always want to decorate around a Christmas theme.
 The theme for this year is all things Nativity.  I have multiple Nativity scenes and the house will be full of them this season.

This pearl-like Nativity came from my parents house.  Instead of placing the Nativity on a tray, I pulled out one of my Christmas collages from Christmas past and set the Nativity on top of it.  Simple and serene.

In the days to come, I hope to pass on some of my ideas for this season.

Monday, November 20, 2017


I was anxious to start repainting the bedrooms since we had the 'contractor' paint on the walls in the majority of the house. Mr. Thrifty has already painted the parlor bath, the foyer, dining room and great room.

This is the first bedroom painted in the house.  I was hoping to give the room a very relaxing feel.

At first, I picked the pictures and mirrors that I wanted to incorporate into this room.

I thought it would be a great idea to place the upcycled luggage rack with the woven tray.

The round drum table with matching chairs was a great addition to have guests sit and have morning coffee.

Hinting Blue from Sherwin Williams was the color I picked for the walls.  I try to wait until they have a 30% sale before I purchase paint.  Their sales usually come around Memorial Day and Labor Day.  I actually purchased this paint in May just awaiting some time before Mr. Thrifty could paint.

I wanted to keep the dresser in the room, but after the stain bled through, I knew that I would eventually have to refinish it.  This time I think I will try to change out the handles.

I can't quite decide if I am going to keep the mdf bookcase in the room or not.  Reading material for guests would be nice but the room isn't that large, so I might for go this piece.

I bought this cross years ago and the soft coloring would go well in the room.

This bedside table that Mr. Thrifty made for our daughter for Christmas many moons ago would be a great accent piece.

I find it interesting that over all the years, I tend to paint or refinish my pieces in stark white and light blue.  All the pieces are finally coming together.

So here is the room stripped, ready to be taped.

Holes are filled and sanded.

The newly painted room looks perfect.  The color dried darker than expected, but just wait and see.

I bought a nice matelassé bedspread and pillow covers.

Doesn't this look relaxing and soothing?

Even Biscotti, our dog blends well in the room.

He also happens to be the guard dog that regularly sleeps outside the room to protect our borders.

When all the painting projects are done, I will show you.  Hopefully, it won't be too long.  I promise, it will be done by Thanksgiving.