Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Having a small birthday party for one of my pre-teens still lent the occasion to decorate.
You might recall this Happy 4th of July banner I made a few years ago.  Incorporating this craft into the party decorations gave me the start to decorate for this occasion.
 A close up.

 Using colors that were her favorites created the latest banner.
 Hanging it against my up cycled chalkboard made for a perfect backdrop.

Finding paper to wrap the presents was fun.  Using the shabby quilt brought more color to the vignette.

A sweet Bundt cake encased with a dome on a vintage cut glass cake plate added to the party effect.

Pink candles were the perfect touch.

A Dollar Tree plastic crown brought the regal feel to the party.

Gold tulle was tied around the presents.

A very happy celebration was had by all the attendees.

Friday, February 21, 2014


I often see on the TV Home shows that decorators have an inspiration piece which is their jumping off piece to design an entire room.  Looking back, I can see using one item to inspire the mind.
In this case, color was my inspiration.  I love the dusty blue colors that accent my Chinese cobalt blue and white porcelain pieces in the great room.
The hunt begins for vintage dusty blue books at our annual Library sale.  Hardcover books are $1.00.  When my daughter found this book, the color grabbed me.  Not looking at the title, but the color.
It wasn't until I arrived home did I take notice of the title.  The Silver Chalice was written by Thomas B. Costain and published in 1952.  My goodness, it was older than me!  The Silver Chalice then led me to the China buffet.  Inspiration was there too.  I pulled out one of my silver plated engraved chalices that had been used for my Christmas coffee table display shown here.

This was the Silver Chalice.  Upon this inspiration did the foyer display evolve.

A crucifix, pearls and a vintage rosary drape the neck of my lady.

Found salt spoons are held in the silver plate dish.
A vintage compact and a rubbed and worn key lie in a compote dish.
Surrounded by a dome gives the articles more attention.

A simple foyer is created from odds and ends around the house.

So next time you are trying to come up with an idea, open a cabinet and pull a treasure out.  See what you come up with.

The Silver Chalice

 A very unexpected Christmas gift came from my dear friend Tara. 
She made silhouette pillows from pictures of my girls.  The pillows placed on the chairs just felt right next to my lady's bust.  Aren't they beautiful?

Isn't this a cozy welcome into the house?


Open your drawers and cabinets   today and become inspired.


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Mardi Gras prepares us for Lent.  This year, Mardi Gras falls on March 4th.  To celebrate before the fasting season begins, I put together a sweet vignette.
Shopping at Hobby Lobby a few weeks back, I came upon this darling charcoal gray bust-and she was 50% off.
She reminds me of my girls when they were younger.
She is so sweet, particularly with her silver headband of flowers.
 Positioning the bust on my Paris Grey painted trophy urn gave her more height.
To decorate the bust, I began by hanging Mardi Gras beads on her neckline.

I purchased this feathered mask for one of my daughters when I visited New Orleans on a Sister's weekend two years ago.  While it might be a bit large on this delicate bust, I thought it was perfect for the occasion. 
I love the peacock colored feathers!

I think I paid only $6.00 for this mask at the market in the French Quarter.

 Because I can't let well enough alone, I stopped by the Arsenal thrift shop on base the other day.
Look at the jewel I found for $1.50.  I am not even going to bother to polish it.

What first struck me was that the lion's head handles complimented my champagne bucket shown here.


Luckily, I have been saving up Mardi Gras beads.  Just tossing  them into the bowl adds more bling.

I think adding the second level of beads completes the vignette

Get your party masks on for Fat Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I did enjoy my Christmas decorations this year, but with Valentine's Day this month, I wanted to move furniture around.  Now most of us don't have interchangeable sofas, but this was my first swap.  I mentioned to Mr. Thrifty days earlier that I was thinking of swapping one couch for the other.  He always has the logical thoughts on these plans of mine.  He did mention that I needed felt gliders for the feet of the office couch.  That was easy.
Have you ever noticed that once you start rearranging furniture, lots of cleaning transpires?

My challenge in this furniture escapade was to give the room a more romantic and time worn feel.

Grandma's vintage lamp glows with soft light.

Changing the gray and white rug out helped soften the scene.
Warmer tones of carpet invoke romance with dusty pinks and sage greens.

A picture frame valentine tray with a spot of tea ready to sip lays in wait on the coffee table .

An added glass Valentine given by a dear friend brings more love into the room.

A pine dresser sits as a library table behind the couch.

Sitting on the desk is an old quaint romantic print found at an estate sale.

and the print title
Later that night, while watching Downton Abbey with my daughter, she says to me, "Mom, I really like this couch!"  To look at her lounging on the armrest, I almost could imagine her residing in Downton Abbey. 

As much as I enjoy  our Ektorp Ikea sofa, I was reticent about changing the sofa out.  The very luxurious feel of the fabric on the recycled vintage sofa gave so much more warmth to the room.              
A welcomed change  for the room is complete.