Thursday, March 31, 2016


Recall the free chandelier. Something very unusual about this chandelier are the triangular prisms.

It was so hard to photograph these pointed prisms.

A good cleaning of all the brass would rejuvenate the fixture.  Notice all the dust.

They must have had a silly string party while this fixture hung in its previous home.

The weight of these crystals was amazing.  After they were all removed from the base, the crystals alone weighed 15 pounds., yes, 15 pounds.

Besides the normal teardrop crystals, this light has French cut crystals.

The French cut crystals are 4 inches in length.

Once the crystals were removed, they were stored in zip lock bags with a description of where they belonged on the fixture.

In some of the groupings, I took a picture of how they were hung when different crystals were in the set.

My notes will help me in the end when the crystals need to be restrung.

Three crystals were missing, so I ordered new ones from the Internet.

Mr. Thrifty temporarily hooks up the light to a plug in to see if any of the lights are not functioning.  One was flickering, which means he needs to rewire the entire light.  Thank goodness for Mr. Thrifty.

Sorry, but I missed a grouping.  These hung at the top.

Once the light was emptied, I filled 9 quart size bags of the sorted crystals.  

At first, I was going to paint the frame but thanks from advice from a friend, I will try to polish the brass and see if I am satisfied with the results.

The next step is to wash, dry and repairing any of the fittings on the crystals.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


With Easter right around the corner, I was ready to make an Easter mini tree for the dorm room.  I purchased the fabric for $3.16 without tax, Easter glittered egg ornaments, pink edging ribbon and a complimentary garland.

Again, I laid the Valentine's Day tree skirt onto the folded fabric.

Once cut, the half circle was folded in half and a small triangle was cut at the corner in order to make an opening for the tree.

The skirt was then opened up.

A cut was made from the cut triangle to the outside of the skirt.

The inside square was then zig zagged to reinforce the fabric.

The two open sides were then turned under and sewn.

Two pieces of blue ribbon were sewn on to tie the skirt and pink edging was sewn onto the outside of the skirt.

The skirt was tied around the bottom of the tree.

The garland and egg ornaments were hung on the tree.

I think it is important that my girls have holiday decorations when living away from home.  I hope my oldest is pleased with her Easter mini tree.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


This St. Patrick's Day will be the first in a long time that I haven't made a card for my Mom.  However, I still have a few Irish relatives that I can share them with, so let's look at the 2016 edition.
This sweet child holds a shamrock button(the shank was cut off).

The inside holds an Irish Blessing.


Saturday, March 12, 2016


When I created the Christmas tree for my freshman daughter at college, I asked her to keep it until the next school year.  It was then that she requested a seasonal tree so she could keep it up all year.

When I went searching for a tree skirt for St. Patrick's Day, there were none.  Recall that the Valentine's day skirt cost $7.99 before I received the 90% discount.  So I decided to kill two birds with one stone by purchasing fabric to make 2 skirts, one for her and one for my youngest when she goes off to college.  I then bought a fabric for St. Pat's and a fabric for Easter, especially since the dates are so close together this year.

Besides the fabric, I bought some pom pom ribbon, green lucky coins, shamrock ornaments and green shamrock garland too.

The lime green gingham fabric costs $1.76 without tax.  Not bad for two tree skirts!

I began by making two folds in the fabric in order to cut out the 2 skirts.

Then taking the Valentine's Day tree skirt, I placed it on the material on the fold and cut out the skirts.

Next, I cut a small v out in the center.

Once opened up, I had an opening for the tree itself.

In order to reinforce the hole, I sewed a zig zag stitch around the square hole.

Then I sewed down the two cut edges coming out of the hole.  Two pieces of ribbon were sewed on to the top of the hole to enable one to tie them once under the tree.

Now the ribbon edging was sewn onto the remainder of the outside of the skirt.

With the skirt done, it was time to decorate the mini tree.

The shamrocks were hung and the shamrock garland was wound around the tree.  A few of the Lucky shamrock coins were placed on top of the skirt

I hope my daughter will enjoy this St. Pat's tree as much as I do.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It's funny that when you go shopping and you never quite seem to find what your are looking for, and then, BAM, years later, your vision appears.  Well, I was truly lucky that day at Hobby Lobby.   I have so many sweet pieces that need a platform and this terrarium fit the purpose.  I know that once Mr. Thrifty sees it, the first comment out of his mouth will be, 'Are you going to repaint it?'  I love the rusted patina on the metal.

Originally, it cost $69.99, but at 50% off, it came down to $35.00.  It was in my cart before you could have blinked.  I know that I usually like to get a great price, but because this was exactly what I had wanted, I would have paid full price.  That never happens!

Since St. Patrick's Day was right around the corner, I began putting my special Irish mementos out to create this vignette.

I had my Mom's Belleek creamer and pitcher from cleaning out her house.  You can only use so many creamers, which now that I think about it, I can't believe I haven't written a posting about them yet.  I had an overgrown shefflera  plant, so I cut off one of the longer branches, filled the creamer with water and not only will they add  my greenery but I will be able to root the branches for another plant or pass it on to someone looking for a house plant.

One of my most favorite cards of all times, was this sweet Irish lass carrying a 4 leaf clover behind her.  On the bottom left, I added the green charm that my friends Tara and Maureen made, from  CharmsandFlourish Soldered Art on Facebook.(Check their site out!)

My wonderful linen embroidered estate sale hanky added to the grouping.

And of course, one of Mom's rosaries.

I love this grouping!  I might have to leave it up after March ends.