Saturday, May 30, 2015


When I purchased this silver plated champagne bucket at an estate sale for $15.00, I never realized how versatile of a piece it would become.

I have used it in multiple vignettes throughout the years.

Christmas 2012, it was used on the kitchen bar to hold a silver tinsel tree.

In 2013, it was placed on a round drum table holding the same tree at an angle.

This past Christmas, an oversized mercury ornament was placed in the bucket.

The majority of the time, this bucket resides in our parlor a trash basket.  I know that you think this is strange.

A trick I learned from a military wife years ago adds a bit of romance.  In the bottom of the bucket, I placed a paper drink doily.  Besides hiding the scratched inside of the bucket, it adds a bit of class.


Finding a new use for an estate sale piece is an easy fix, besides being economical.  Is there something lying around your house that you could repurpose?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So sorry that I have been out of the network for a week.  We had a very hectic week of graduation activities.

So now onto the posting.

In order to create a summer  mantle this summer, I went back to one of my vintage favorites--an old window.  I had a sentimental moment thinking back to Grandma's old house, in particular her garage.  When I moved into her house, I nailed a pair of chippy vintage shutters to the side of garage to surround the window. I hung a darling piece of lace behind the window.  With the flower box, it just screamed 'cottage'.(Please excuse the quality of the 'old' picture, but a very cute picture of my nephew.)

This was one of my most favorite window boxes. 

So this was my starting off point.  Off to the garage to pick out a old window.  This is one of my most favorites, and I hadn't found a new purpose for it, so I brought it in.  The rusty handle is one of my favorite parts.
 In order to replicate the summer window, I needed to find some type of lace.  In my drawer I had saved a Belgian lace valance that I purchased on one of my trips to visit a former teacher friend back in the 1980's.  I never had found a place for it, but an idea came to mind.  Isn't this a gorgeous piece of fabric?

I pulled out a desk stapler and stapled the 3 sides to the back of the window frame.
 Once stapled to the frame, I cut the remaining lace off.
I was happy with the fast results. 

I pulled out a hat with an pink peony on it and sat it on top of the mantle clock.

I found this willow basket at Good Will for $1.00.  Placing a few flower stems into the basket brings some height and dimension to the basket.

Hanging the willow basket onto the rusty window frame handle just seemed right.  I love the reflection of the lace in the mantle mirror.

Moving the white wicker basket full of blooms complimented the other side of the mantle.

With the sun shining in that corner of the room, it brings me back to the old homestead.

More rattan baskets are gathered at the base of the mantle.

I know this next picture isn't the best, but the light shining down brings the 'sun' into the room at night.

I think this scene will remain for the rest of the spring and summer.

A few days passed and I kept looking at the mantle thinking, something is missing.  Then it came to me--Grandma's vintage galvanized watering can!

Looking at the galvanized watering can reminds me that painting the walls of the foyer and great room are coming sooooon in our future!  I am so excited.  Mr. Thrifty signed on last night.(He does the painting, I am the gopher which is fine with me.)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


This year when making personalized graduation cards, I had 3 different schools to create for the 2015 graduates.
The first card was for my daughter.  She is planning on going into Pharmacy, so when I saw this label on Graphics Fairy, I was tickled pink.

I needed to make multiple smaller renditions of the card for her friends.

This card is a more generic version.

The last card was for a Patriot.

Making more personalized cards for family and friends is the way to go.  I hope all of the graduates enjoy them.  Go forth and do marvelous things.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


 Now that the foyer pieces are completed, I am ready to prepare for my daughter's high school graduation.  Where does the time fly?

Starting with a stack of vintage book tied together by twine begins this vignette.

I purchased a graduation cap on eBay.  Setting it on top of my concrete bust looks perfect.

Chalk is added to the mix.

Pearls and chains including a cross hang from the bust.

The black accents tied in the table and the mirror.

It is amazing that such a tight space can be enhanced by the graduation d├ęcor.

Congratulations to all the 2015 graduates.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


This Mother's Day is rather bittersweet for me.  Mom, who is 92, the woman who never seemed to age is getting tired.  However, even in these days, she still smiles, shows an abundance of love and is one of the luckiest people in the world--everyone adores her.  She has led an exemplary life, full of adventure, full of faith and has taken all the struggles she has endured and completed them with grace.  Mom is such a mentor to many, especially her grandchildren.  She is idolized from near and far.
I wanted to share one of my most favorite days with Mom, my wedding day.  We have a very special bond, in that we both married at 40.  She was with me on my journey to the altar and guided me the entire way.  Her being there has continued even to this day.
 I want to share a beautiful picture of that day.
No amount of words can ever express the gratefulness I have for this very special individual that raised me from the age of 7.  With her guidance, I live my life in a way that would be pleasing to her.  No other person in my life has given me such a gift of   love.
This incredible woman in blue has shaped me into the happy, loving person than I am today.
I love you Mom.  


Tuesday, May 5, 2015


 One of my favorite 'therapy' activities is making cards.  Today I would like to show you some of the Confirmation cards I have made.
In the Catholic faith, Confirmation is one of our Sacraments.

In Alabama, the students go to a one night a week session for their entire 8th grade year for instruction.  The instructor here has actually published the book that she uses in the Confirmation class.  When my girls completed the class, they were given a hardback copy of the class lessons.  Since it teaches the basic tenets of the Catholic faith, it is an amazing reference material for both adults and children.

Confirmation (Catholic Church) 

Confirmation is one of the seven sacraments through which Catholics pass in the process
 of their religious upbringing. According to Catholic doctrine, in this sacrament they are sealed
with the gift of the Holy Spirit and are strengthened in their Christian life.

The last few years I have been able to make Confirmation cards for my daughters and friends.  I thought I would share a sampling with you today.

I really like to find vintage images of Confirmation on the Internet. 
 This year I found this beautiful poem for them that I printed for the insert
This day you have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

You have  been fully initiated into the Roman Catholic Church.

A seal has  been placed on your soul that can never be removed.

You are forever marked as a follower of Christ.  You must now

 make a choice.  When it becomes hard to practice the faith, when

you feel too busy to go to Mass, when someone asks you to do

something wrong, when you do not want to follow the ways of the

Church, when you are worried what people think, when you doubt

that God is there, what will you do?  May you choose  Christ in these

moments, as you did today at your Confirmation.  May you call upon

the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were poured out on you today, throughout

your  journey of faith.  Be bold, be faithful, be Catholic.  
     Coreen Wagenbach
Since this Sacrament is such a special time in a teenagers life, I think it is important to send them a card  for a memory keepsake.       

Friday, May 1, 2015


Happy May Day!  The year is flying.  This month we will be getting ready for a high school graduation and all the activities leading up to it.  I am excited, and a bit melancholy thinking about my oldest going off to college.  She will have the time of her life, so I need to embrace this time with her.  Ok now on to the finished project.

You might recall the original state this piece was in prior to up-cycling. 

When we last visited this particular piece of furniture, it was in the rehabbing stage.  Divots were being filled with wood putty and then sanded when dried.
A final coat of sanding and I'm ready to drill the second hole for the crystal handle.

After a quick dry fit, the handle fit perfectly, so I can continue with my spray priming of the piece.

To give a  universal coat of primer, I used my favorite spray primer.

Spraying one coat of the primer will prepare the piece for the Lamp Black paint.  Notice the corner is completely fixed with the wood putty.

One good night of drying time and tomorrow the first coat of paint will be put on.

As you can see, it needs one more coat.

Don't be alarmed that the first coat is a bit streaky.  The second coat will do wonders.

The second coat covered well.

The final coat was a satin poly that did put a bit of a shine on it and the black looks much richer.  I love the end result.

The decorative work keeps the table from being plain.

Adding the glass crystal handle is like the frosting on the cake.  Bling, bling!!

Seems to be much more classy now.

Both the mosaic glass mirrored tiled mirror and bedside table compliment each other well.

The foyer will become decorated with my graduation display soon.