Friday, November 22, 2013


One morning, I was in the kitchen cleaning up the counters, when I glanced at my two vintage red topped tin canisters with the glass knobs.  For some reason I had the urge to bake a dessert.  What follows next ......      

       contains a  recipe with a bit of serendipity.

  I had picked up a box of cobbler mix at the store.

  But when I returned home, I found one single pie crust in the fridge.  Wanting to use the pie crust up, I decided to use both ingredients. 
First, I laid out the pie crust in a dish, and baked it 12 minutes in the oven.  While it was cooling, I cut my 7 fresh fall apples.  After slicing them, I added 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and let them sit.
The next step was to mix the cobbler mix as directed with 5 tablespoons of butter.  Once crumbly, I was ready to assemble the cobbler pie.  I poured in the cinnamon laced apples onto the cooked pie crust.  Placing the cobbler mix on top of the apples was the last step.
I cooked the recipe about 10 minutes longer so the crust was brown and the crumb topping was a bit crusty.
After removing the pie/cobbler from the oven, I placed it on the antique scale to cool.
It seemed quite natural to set Grandma's vintage granite ware containers next to the pie.
I'm sure my daughters have no idea what these containers were used for accustomed to using Glad ware or Tupperware.

Serving it warm with vanilla bean ice cream completed the plating.
This dessert would make an awesome Thanksgiving dessert.  Between the cobbler crumble and the flaky pie crust, the apples hide between the two layers of lusciousness.

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