Thursday, January 8, 2015


Please note the beautiful Happy New Year's card from Graphics Fairy.

When searching blogging backgrounds, I came across this chippy door.  What a great way to begin the NEW YEAR.  Opening a door that is aged and worn that comes with all the wisdom of those years was the perfect metaphor for 2015.  Reaching my 6th decade this year brought  forward even more intentions than a normal new year. 
The green smoothie experiment was at the top of the list.  With that under control and the daily exercise to a manageable state, it is time to add more avenues of improvement.
 My spiritual journey also needs my attention.   Age really does make one reflect on this area in our lives.
I have pondered many ways, whether physical, spiritual or productive to increase my potential.  I have found that connection to my loved ones, whether they be family or friends  brings me happiness.  To better those connections is next on the list.  So many minutes are wasted by my vice, playing Spider Solitaire, that I should just pick up the phone and reach out.
With my girls soon to be moving on to college and their own lives, I need to address how I can fill that void.  I am so excited that they will both have those great experiences in becoming independent for the first time, but I also have to manage my sadness in missing them.

And finally, I hope to continue to challenge myself in producing more projects to fill the blog with this year.
These are my hopes for improvement this NEW YEAR.

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