Monday, July 29, 2013


Once I began doing mosaic pieces, I became addicted quickly.  What an easy way to recycle a vintage silver plated tray that had been tarnished beyond repair.

Here is a picture of the laying out of the mosaic pieces to get an idea of how the design will look.

Once the pattern was laid out, I took off the pieces and spray painted the piece with my favorite white appliance spray paint.  After it dried, I pulled out my tile adhesive and got to work.  Once the tile pieces were laid in the adhesive, I let it dry for a few days.  Finishing up with un-sanded(this is key) white grout made the piece complete.

I have found that a good coat of grout sealer always helps protect the piece especially if you are going to have drinks on the tray.

                  Now the tray resides in the bedroom always ready for that surprise breakfast in bed.

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