Thursday, November 14, 2013


The posting today is actually the Halloween foyer minus the spooky elements.  So let's backtrack a bit.
Trying to come up with a tranquil white pumpkin foyer was fairly easy.  I used one of my concrete looking urns along side a pediment base.  Stuffing both with newspaper would give the base to lay the cream shredded filler.
Stuffing the paper filler was added.
I found some Ashland natural baby's breath like fronds at Michael's.
The stuffing added the needed texture.  Finally, placing the off white glazed pumpkins on top began the base of the foyer display.
A concrete looking heart added the third element.
Placing them on top of the headboard bench was a good backdrop.
Lighting up the school house lamp fixture on the floor gave the display a warm feel.
At night, it brings a lot of warmth into the foyer.
The existing mirror throws off the reflection.
The off white display will set the stage for the remainder of fall and transition into the Christmas season.

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