Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Christmas this year is quite bittersweet.  After losing two precious family members in the last 6 months, I wanted to honor them.  I took some of my sister Terri's Swaroski glass star ornaments and wanted to create a tree on the foyer table. On second thought, I thought that they would be lost in the branches, so I took some of my naked tree branches and adorned them with the stars.  Every star now hangs in all its glory.
The clear cylinder vase was filled with red berries to bring a bit of color to the display.  The berries complimented the red ribbons that held the stars on the branches. 
In order to bring more sparkle to the table, I added my vintage rhinestone makeup compacts on a silver plated candy dish.
In 2000, I started a family tradition between the four of us.  Every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas, each one of the four of us write in a journal expressing our gifts and blessings of that year.  When the girls were little, they drew pictures, but as they grew older, each one writes their own journal entry into the book.  This will be the 15th consecutive year.  The journal is now almost half filled with beautiful memories. This particular journal is covered with a red velvet fabric.  How appropriate to add this item to the memory table. A sprig of holly and berries adorn the journal.  This too is laid in a silver plated estate sale tray.
Adding a few holly berries to the candy dish bring in more crimson color.

A crystal beaded vase holding a battery lit candle brings in yet more sparkle.

The individual glass stars reflect the light all day long.

This serene scene recalls many happy family memories.

The brilliance of the stars  makes me think of all those special loved ones who are awaiting us in heaven.  None of them will ever be forgotten.

An added note:

What a surprise to find these personalized ornaments of Terri in my mail box this past weekend.  My dear friend Tara and her friend Maureen created these ornaments for my 9 siblings and Terri's 2 children.  The children's ornaments are worded with dear mother.  I know that all of us will treasure these special gifts in Terri's memory.

Thanks to these 2 special people for brightening up our Christmas this year.  The Christmas foyer is now complete.

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