Friday, February 10, 2017


Last year while cleaning out my sister Terri's finished cross
stitch projects, we came upon these finished Valentine pillows.  Years ago she had mentioned that after she made one for me, she wanted to make one for each of my girls.  They were finished, but they didn't have the pillow inserts.  I brought them home thinking that I would purchase the two inserts and give them to the girls next Valentine's Day.

While researching where to find these pillow inserts, I combed the immediate area with no luck.  When I went online, the cheapest price was around $15.00 and that was without shipping! 

Deciding that I could make them myself, I went upstairs and found some scraps of ivory linen in my fabric box along with an open bag of stuffing.  Most importantly, no cost to me--just a little bit of manual labor.

I cut 4 rectangles, 2 for each pillow.

Any fiberfill will do.

I sewed three sides of the inserts up on the sewing machine, turned it inside out and pressed the insert.

Stuffing the two inserts with a final sewn edge finished the inserts.

One pillow completed....

and then two!

Just under 30 minutes and at not cost to me, the two pillows were now finished.  These pillows will be given to the girls this upcoming Valentines Day as a gift of love from their Aunt Terri.

The circle of love is now completed.

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