Monday, February 6, 2017


I was happy with the way my Noel tray came out at Christmas. One of the reasons I bought glass to be placed over the image was so that I could interchange scenes.

To reinvent this tray for Valentine's Day, I went to my go-to storage of decorating supplies.  I was looking for a background that would add some punch.  I came upon a roll of embossed wallpaper that I had used in the dining room of our Little Rock house.  I still loved the design of the paper and also liked the fact that the paper added necessary texture to my new visual collage.

Using my rotary scissors and quilt cutting board, I measured out a piece of wallpaper to place as my background.

Then, I pulled out a box of vintage 
 Valentines that had Victorian paper scraps.  I haphazardly began laying them out over the wallpaper. A few paper lace doilies were also used.  A chain of felt rose colored hearts finished off the collage.

A Valentine poem was added.

Once I placed it on the coffee table, I took out my enameled fairy tale coach to sit on top- a bit more romantic touch.

So, once the tray was on the table, it looked a bit flat to me.  The embossing of the background wallpaper didn't show up so I was in need of something to make it pop.

I need to interject here and mention my dear sister, Terri, who had voluminous card making supplies.  After she died, I took some of the supplies that I knew I would be able to use in my blogs. I know Terri would be thrilled that I was still using her supplies.

She had two containers of beautiful metallic colored pencils.  I took a scrap of the wallpaper and using the edge of one of the colored pencils, shaded over the embossed paper.  It definitely made the background pop.

Once I completed shading the entire piece of wallpaper, I reinserted it into the frame and added the other embellishments.  

This subtle touch brought the whole visual together.  Placing it on the gray coffee table looks wonderful.
  Now that the insert are interchangeable, the options are endless.
I wonder how many more times I can reuse this tray?
  I guess you will have to wait and find out.

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