Saturday, February 14, 2015


Well, its time to make my annual Valentine's Day card.
I had so much fun making the Valentine garland a few weeks back and I love all the cherub images that are out there now.
I found this precious image.  I cannot remember where I found this one.

After making multiple wallet sized images, they were cut and set aside.

Then I pulled out 2 sheets of scrapbook paper.  This is one of my favorite designs of all time.  Unfortunately, I don't think its available anymore.  It has such a romantic touch with the vines and roses.

Below you will see a felt type heart ribbon.  A perfect addition for the extra dimension that I was looking for.

I pulled one of my vintage books out and used them for the background of the card.  Then I traced a heart onto the back of the scrapbook paper and cut them out.  One heart was placed on top of the book page.

Using the red baker's twine, I cut a strand off.  The twine was stretched from the envelope to the felt heart.

There was just something not right.  I went upstairs to the craft room and picked up some fuchsia pink striped yarn.                            

Once the red Baker's twine was removed, it was replaced with the yarn. 

That was the punch that the card needed.

I better get busy.  I have 13 more cards to go.


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