Thursday, February 19, 2015


I apologize for not posting yesterday!!

This was the scene I found on the library table Valentine's Day morning.  Mr. Thrifty has a very romantic side to him.  I told him that all I wanted for Valentine's Day was Dove dark chocolates.  Not to be outdone, he bought a spring floral bouquet to add to the surprise.

Let's come back to the flowers later.

I had an inspiration for getting rid of the never ending cold fronts that seem to be plaguing the south this winter.
I took out the whitewashed tray to use as my base for the Spring display.

I found this distressed round stool at a thrift store last year.  This piece set the stage for an elevated base.

One of my Grandmother's doilies softened the stool and gave it a subtle romantic feel.

A vintage small china cup that might have belonged to my Mom was placed onto the doily.  I like to think of it as a baby cup.  I love to use old vintage family artifacts in my decorating.  I think it brings the past into the present with a twist.

This next piece is one of my most favorite vases.  I have had it for what seems forever, but it always freshens up a space.  From the back, you can see the water receptacle.

From the front, it is a gorgeous live picture frame.  I plucked a few blooms out of my Valentine's Day vase to use for this spot.

Once the frame was placed on the tray, spring was welcome indoors once again.(at least in my imagination)

As I always like to give you the realistic use of the tray on the coffee table, the remotes are placed on the tray.

By changing the fresh flowers out, a whole new look can be had.  As spring comes closer, a grocery store bouquet can be pulled apart to freshen the frame.
With the winter that we have had, I am going to make sure that I have fresh flowers on the coffee table until the crocuses break ground.

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