Monday, February 2, 2015


When I first purchased the Trumeau mirror, the cupid embellishment really caught my eye.
My first thought was to make a Valentine garland.  I wanted to use  lots of different elements that had texture.
A few years back, I picked up these mini heart shaped ornaments.

To give the ornaments some punch, I pulled out a card of jeweled embellishments.

 And the results.....

I have a shoebox full of Valentine items so I dug for something to hang my designs.
Aren't these ribbons cute?  It will be hard to pick one.

 For the design, I chose the 2 heart ornaments, 2 hand made tags and a larger graphic to hang in the middle.
Finding two complimentary scrapbook papers to decorate the tags came first.

To bring a bit more dimension into the mix, I pulled out 2 cupcake decorations and pulled off the picks.

And here are the tags completed.

The most difficult task was to find the graphic to tie the whole garland together.  Wanting to mesh the cupid theme because of the Trumeau frame, I scoured the Internet for one.  This image was then printed off on cardstock.

I fell in love with this graphic!  How sweet and tender is this cupid.

I realized that after I trimmed the cupid, I left some of the white on the image.  That had to go, so once it was removed, she was ready to hang on the garland.             

Once on the frame, I was very happy with the other elements added.

The extra punch that the garland gives the frame is quirky to say the least.

What better way to mesh with the frame is a worn letter basket with a spring bonnet.


The house is now ready for our special holiday.

The basket is ready to hold all my Valentines.
I needed just a bit more pink in the vignette.

All in all, I was happy that for once I didn't have to refinish a piece.