Sunday, July 12, 2015


The decision to paint the Great Room came with a lot of issues.  I was ready to get rid of the Mocha paint that was on all the walls on the main level.  Since the entire room(foyer, Great room, and kitchen) is all open, the problem was, where do we stop with the new repose grey.
Since the Great Room wrapped around to the eat in kitchen, we decided to stop at the back door.  The question was would we be able to get a clean line down the two edges where the corners met?
So, it was time to tape it all up.  Mr. Thrifty is very good with the sash brush, so he doesn't use tape on the crown moldings.

There you see my little painting elf.  He does such good work and he is a neat painter.

I think the repose grey paint will freshen up the room and make it look cleaner.  I like the contrast between the white crown molding, baseboards and the grey walls.  The room looks dark because of the plastic taped onto the windows.

The grey paint goes well with the furnishings.(Did any of you notice the mocha beige reflection in the mirror?)

Even at night, the color is so fresh.

Even though we left the mocha color on the wall to the left, it really looks similar to the new grey paint.  The paintings edges came out very neatly.

The final step was to give all of the baseboards a fresh coat of high gloss white paint.
I think I will hold off painting  more walls in this room.  Both the mocha and grey compliment each other and it does define  the spaces.

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