Saturday, July 9, 2016


Here is a great idea for your post person(?) for next Christmas.  I wrote this post back in December, but with this much time ahead, you can be thinking ahead for this year.
We have an awesome mail carrier and I wanted to give her an extra treat this year.  I normally just give her a monetary gift, but since I make a great deal of cookies, I wanted to pass on a few to her too.
I was shopping at my favorite Dollar Tree and came upon this cute metal decorated mailbox.  It was the perfect size to place into our mailbox so she could pick it up when she gave us our daily mail.  Even though it isn't the holiday season, Dollar Tree usually carries this type of mail box.  In order to put that Christmas touch on it, you could mod podge Christmas wrapping or scrapbook paper on it.
I placed a paper doily in the bottom first.
I filled it with a variety of Christmas treats.

The gift envelope and miniature mailbox(with the flag up of course) were placed in the mailbox ready for delivery.

Now, that's what I call a personal present.

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