Friday, July 1, 2016


So sorry but I thought that I had posted this on Thursday.

I hadn't planned on creating the July mantle in May, but I came across a red, white and blue mixed flower plant at Walmart and it started the plotting for the mantle.

I came home and pulled out one of my favorite pots to set the plant into.  My sister, Sharon had given us each a copper pot for being in her wedding many years ago.  All I needed to do was clean the copper and I was ready to begin.  Setting it on one of my older projects, a French blue step stool was the perfect place to stage the plant.  All the plant needed was a few American flags.

A close up of the planter.

After retrieving the flag post I made last year, I set it and my clearance red leather letter V-for victory next to the mantle clock.

A close up of the flag post and mantle clock.

I love the combination of the red, white and blue flowers.

I will be leaving this mantle up for the summer as it can take us to July 4th and Labor Day.

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