Thursday, September 1, 2016


The basis of this latest wall art has been one of my favorite finds. I was in Illinois walking with my sister one morning when we came upon a load of trash.  I eyed this jewel and grabbed it.  My sister liked it too, but being so gracious, she let me haul it back to her house. 

Both sides of the door are unique.  I used the side shown below for an Autumn setting a year or two ago. But the front of the door is enchanting too and I will be using this side for the wall art.

As I walk through Hobby Lobby, I see pieces like this for outrageous prices.  I have seen similar wall art on Fixer Upper, one of my favorite shows.

Let's show you what I have done.

After drilling two pilot holes, I attached a screw on both sides of the wood.  Then framing wire was wrapped between the two to attach a hanger.

Once hanging on the wall, it needed some help.

I found this mirror at Hobby Lobby this year.  I was planning on using it for my next Valentine's Day blog, but I thought it would look well here.

I removed the two blue transfer plates with something autumnal.

I used this basket of wheat sheaves last year.

Even though this window has lots of light coming in, the pictures that I took don't do it justice.

I might still add something to the lower part of the wall, but for now--I like it.
Welcome Fall

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