Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I was looking through magazines a few days ago and spotted a tool box.  I mentioned to Mr. Thrifty that this might be a nice project to build for me. 

Two days later as I was in the garage, I found this.  Here was a hand made tool box made by my grocer Grandfather.  It was perfect.  The best part of it was that you could tell that he made it from an old crate from the store.  Mr. Thrifty was off the hook.

Even though it is made rather crudely, I love it!  I always get a charge out of these sentimental moments.  I hauled it to the back porch and gave it a good scrubbing, being careful not to disturb the apple label itself.

Notice the back side has a huge gash in it.  No problem.  This piece would work perfectly for my centerpiece.

I twisted a leaf garland around the steel pipe handle.

I then crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the box.  All that was needed was to add faux pumpkins into the box.

The tool box will sit on the dining room table during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Thanks Grandpa for the inspiration.

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