Sunday, November 27, 2016


While attending the first Vintage Market show here in North Alabama, I spied this unique silver plated footed bowl--had to have it.  By the way, it polished up beautifully.

Last year, I used my wire vegetable stand to set up my Advent wreath.  I did love that idea, but wanted to change it up this year.

As I'm sure I told you before, when I first lived on my own, my Dad made this wooden base for my Advent candles.  It was just a wooden circle with 4 holes drilled out to insert the 4 candles of Advent.
It must be at least 30 years old by now.  Originally, using my staple gun I  attached fake greenery. 

Now, I'm ready to change up the Advent base.  Here is the before picture.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to use live greens or cut apart one of my faux garlands.
The first step was to remove the staples and fake greenery.
 I did not want to attach the live greenery until after Thanksgiving so I am sharing this blog with you today because it is the first day of Advent.  I will finish the wreath tomorrow and update it with the Christmas greens.

Well, I went to Home Depot this afternoon and picked up some nice greens.

Using my glue gun, I began gluing the longer branches fanning them out from the middle.

Once I glued around the complete circle, I took the shorter branches and did the same to cover the first layer branches.

When inserting the candles, this time I glue gunned them into place.  If they look a bit off, it's because of that.

Now, we can light the first candle tonight.  Let us prepare. 

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