Monday, July 10, 2017


I am always looking for crosses to mosaic for gifts or auction donations.  I came across this one at Walmart around Easter.  I snatched it up and put it in the 'projects to do' pile.

The saying on the cross was nice, but I wanted to make it my own. 

Grabbing my can of white spray primer, I gave the piece a good once over.

Already, the cross looks so different. But it's time for a switch up.

I pulled out my china mosaics tub and started pulling dish shards out to reshape the cross.  Honestly, I love to see one these projects unfold.  I never know where I am going, but they always turn out beautiful and unique.  No one is ever alike another.

At this point, the dry fit looks good.  I covered the entire tiled area with painter's tape and press down on the tiles.  Once I turn it over, I just lift off the tape and my tiles will be sticking to the tape.  When I am ready to put the tiles back on after putting the tile adhesive down, it basically is one swoop. 

In order to keep the exact pattern, I use painters tape and tape the entire mosaic area.

Once I put the adhesvie in the recessed area, I just place the taped mosaics right over the adhesive.

Then, I put pressure on the tape and the mosaics will be set.  Overnight drying time and then tomorrow I will grout the cross.

A friend of mine gave me a  Wilton frosting spreader last year.  I knew that this utencil would be a perfect tool for   spreading the adhesive--and this it did.

Using the spreader, I apply a thin coat of adhesive to the recessed area.

The next day, I applied the grout, let it dry for 15 minutes and then clean  up the excess grout.

I made this cross for an amazing teacher at the high school.  She has taught both of my daughters and her dedication in teaching them to write has been nothing short of a miracle.  Besides being their teacher, her spiritual life has made a great impact on them.

I think the numerous pieces of mosaic china pieces represent the many students that have passed through her classroom.  When she glances at her cross, she can remember those lives that she touched.

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