Thursday, July 20, 2017


After7 years growth, it was quite obvious that the holly trees were taking over the perennial bed besides infringing upon the oak trees.  I mentioned this thought to Mr. Thrifty and looking back, should have waited until the weather was seasonally comfortable.  So, the July 4th weekend we started the project.  We were wanting to remove the 2 holly trees and leave only 3 remaining trees in the bed.  If anyone knows about digging in southern clay, it is a very back braking job.

After getting approval from our home association, the Mr. first took the large loppers and cut off all the branches.  The holly leaves are quite spiky so this was an obvious first step.  Then, he began to dig out the roots.  After a tiring two days, the trees were gone and it was time to replant the bed.

I put in a lot of compost and top soil to fill in the holes.  I had purchased about 6 new perennials and they were planted with the help of my daughter's boyfriend. Thank you Ham!!!  He helped dig holes and plant the final plants when I thought my body was going to give out.

Though the flower bed looks a little rough for the wear, I think by next spring, I will have a glorious amount of plantings.

 First tree stripped of branches....

Look at the large hole that was left.  A lot of flowers will love that space.

 The second holly tree stripped.....

It is a wonder that roots can even grown in this bed even though we have composted heavily over the years.

2nd tree gone.....

For most of you Yankees, and I say that lovingly, you would never have to use a pick ax to remove roots from your soil.  But, we do....always!

Poor Mr. Thrifty relaxing after the trees removal.  This job almost did him in.  I cannot have projects that are that labor intensive for the Mr. to do anymore.

The bed looks amazing again..

And that is all of the yardwork we will do this summer.

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