Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guilded French chair

I promised that this is the last entry on the Toile Fragonard  fabric.  

If you carefully look behind the black sewing machine cabinet, you will see a chair with an awful laminate mustard colored fabric.  I love the back of the chair's design.

I actually had one of my girls' take the shabby seat cover apart for me.  Once stripped down, it looked like this.

I was needing a desk chair for the girls' room.  I had already purchased the fragonard cameo toile drapery fabric.  It looks like this.

Next, I spray painted it with gold(an idea that my daughter came up with).  She said that I always painted everything white, so let's change it up.  I thought it looked pretty fun.

                 The tassel added a nice touch.  Here is a picture in the girls' bedroom.  The chair coordinated perfectly with the valance and duvet covers.(not pictured)

I had a great time decorating their bedroom, but I learned one lesson.  If the girls can't pick out the design and colors, they won't love it.  They didn't!  When moving to this house, it now dresses up my guest room.

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