Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reworked Chandelier I

Previously, I had spray painted an old brass chandelier, added crystals and beaded chain.

I wanted to hang a chandelier over my desk area in this house.  I had this chandelier before, but I wanted to change out the shades and cord cover from the one in Little Rock.

I bought this shabby chic material online, but cannot recall the store or name of the fabric.  I pulled out the up cycled chandelier and took the cord and shades from the Arkansas dining room and put them on my office light.

Instead of sewing a seam in the cord, I used the circle sized Velcro  placed every 3 inches on the inside of the fabric.  This way, it is easier to put on or remove the sheath from the electrical cord. 

To enhance the shades and give them dimension, I found coral colored seed beads in the jewelry section of Michael's.  I glued them in certain areas to highlight the flowers on the shades.  When the light is turned on, the seed beads glimmer.  A clear beaded trim was also glued on to the top of each shade.

 There is a funny story with these shades.  I had just finished gluing the beads on them in time for company.  At the dinner table the chandelier was on the entire meal.  I noticed out of the corner of my eye--sudden movement.  Apparently, when the shade heated up, it started popping some of the seed beads that didn't have enough glue on them.  What an embarrassment to this hostess!  What remains are hundreds of the seed beads that have remained glued to their surface.

                                                  Notice the seed beads in this picture.

                                                  And finally, a closeup of the cover.

I love the new look, so fresh.  It makes me smile every time I look at the shades.  Wonder why???

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