Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here comes the Bride and Groom

Since June is the most popular month for weddings, I wanted to focus on wedding preparation and making your own gifts.  This month, most of  the postings will relate to 'wedding' or 'marriage' themes.

When I was married, a cake topper was not a priority in our wedding planning.  What symbol represents the joining of a couple more than the topper? The hunt began.

 Luck was with me the day I went out, because as I asked the shopkeeper at the first antique store for a 'low priced wedding topper', she was unsure if she carried any in her shop. This antique shop must have had over 100 stalls.  I went searching.  Usually, I don't look at the glassed-in cabinets because they are usually out of my price range.  Starting at the front of the store, I spied the perfect couple in one of these very glassed-in cabinets.  While it wasn't a collector's item by any means, it was perfect for me.

Looking back, if ever a couple could have resembled us, this was the topper.  The funniest thing was that it only cost $6.00.  Rushing home, I cleaned it up and got out the craft paints.  Some of the particulars needed to be updated.  With a bit of paint, I could recreate a look a lot like our wedding.

The top of the dress resembled my gown.  The groom was similar, but he needed an added streak of silver to the front of his hair.  The  flowers needed a refreshing coat of blush and cream.  The tie was changed up to black.  The bride's hair needed to be highlighted and then the couple was complete.

This figurine would become the base of the June vignette.

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