Monday, June 11, 2012

A Wedding Gift with Sentiment

For my wedding almost 16 years ago, my dear sister-in-law surprised me with a wonderful homemade gift, one that I still treasure.  She made the ring bearers' pillow for the wedding ceremony.

First, she sewed the heart shape on the center of an ecru  piece of linen cloth.  Then, she intertwined ribbon and embellished it with beading and a ivory heart. Finally, she added lace ruffling and a string of pearls all the way around the pillow.  I love the ivory color.  I have used this pillow in many rooms of the many houses that we have lived in.  It just fits in beautifully wherever it lies.

  An incredible element of the pillow is that she attached a vintage doily that had belonged to my grandmother  to the back of the pillow.

                                   How special this gift was then and remains so today.

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