Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding tray

Remember this sewing machine cabinet?

This is a picture of it sitting in my driveway during the garage sale.  To no avail,  there were no takers.
It was a good thing because this cabinet would come in handy later.

I needed to come up with an idea for my godson for a wedding shower present.  Both the bride and groom are into recycling, so I wanted to make something that was old and I could re purpose.  I thought of this sewing cabinet. 

It is always nice to have a tray on an ottoman or coffee table.  Here is what I came up with.

I unhinged the lid that opens up on the top of the cabinet.  Then, it was stripped and sanded and given a very coats of Golden Oak Stain.  Because food might be placed on it, I sealed it with mineral oil twice.  Bacteria does not grow in this type of oil, so I put two coats of the mineral oil on it.  If they ever want to use it as a cheese  tray, it will be food safe.

I needed to find some handles.  I went to my stash and found these that I picked up at a Restore Habitat store for a quarter a piece.

These handles just didn't make that statement I was looking for.  So, off to Hobby Lobby to look for handles that just happened to be 50% off.  The handles were $3.99 apiece.  Do the math, and for a bit over $4.00 I had my answer.

All that was left was the drilling of two holes for each handle to attach properly.
Of course, I can never let well enough alone, but staged properly.

  I hope the newlyweds get a lot of use out of this tray.

The next blog will include the making of Homespun napkins and linens that were given as part of this shower  present. Stay tuned.

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