Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Before I begin the post, I wanted to stop and reflect on the anniversary of September 11th.  Who would have thought that it has been 12 years since that tragic event changed our lives? 

Please say a prayer for all those lost, their families and friends.


Back to the blogging world....  It's time to get your sewing machines out to work on some special outfits for Christmas presents this year.
After completing the American Girl doll beds for Molly and Elizabeth, I wanted to see if I could sew the dolls some outfits.  My Grandmother made clothes  out of fabric scraps that she had laying around for my Barbie when I was a young child.  I might be dating myself, but in those days, Grandma did not have Velcro.  She used metal snaps instead.  Since I could sew, I thought this would be the way to make a copy of Molly's PJ's with little trouble.

 This is a picture from the American Girl catalog of Molly's pajamas.

Molly's PJ's would be easy to recreate because the fabric is rather common.  Mini white buttons  embellished the PJ's while Velcro was used as fasteners.
The first step was finding a sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls.  This was rather simple. 
After making the pajama top, I used Velcro in place of the buttons.  The false buttons were just sewn on to the front of the top.
Using 1/4 inch elastic created the waistband on the pants.  A cuff was sewn in and top stitched.
A belt was made out of the same fabric.

The pattern worked perfectly.
The fluffy red slippers were purchased from the catalog.
 Molly is ready to sleep in her new bed.  What a fun project that was.  The girls were surprised that I didn't buy the outfit from American Girl.

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