Friday, February 21, 2014


I often see on the TV Home shows that decorators have an inspiration piece which is their jumping off piece to design an entire room.  Looking back, I can see using one item to inspire the mind.
In this case, color was my inspiration.  I love the dusty blue colors that accent my Chinese cobalt blue and white porcelain pieces in the great room.
The hunt begins for vintage dusty blue books at our annual Library sale.  Hardcover books are $1.00.  When my daughter found this book, the color grabbed me.  Not looking at the title, but the color.
It wasn't until I arrived home did I take notice of the title.  The Silver Chalice was written by Thomas B. Costain and published in 1952.  My goodness, it was older than me!  The Silver Chalice then led me to the China buffet.  Inspiration was there too.  I pulled out one of my silver plated engraved chalices that had been used for my Christmas coffee table display shown here.

This was the Silver Chalice.  Upon this inspiration did the foyer display evolve.

A crucifix, pearls and a vintage rosary drape the neck of my lady.

Found salt spoons are held in the silver plate dish.
A vintage compact and a rubbed and worn key lie in a compote dish.
Surrounded by a dome gives the articles more attention.

A simple foyer is created from odds and ends around the house.

So next time you are trying to come up with an idea, open a cabinet and pull a treasure out.  See what you come up with.

The Silver Chalice

 A very unexpected Christmas gift came from my dear friend Tara. 
She made silhouette pillows from pictures of my girls.  The pillows placed on the chairs just felt right next to my lady's bust.  Aren't they beautiful?

Isn't this a cozy welcome into the house?


Open your drawers and cabinets   today and become inspired.


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  1. Beautiful! I've been looking for salt spoons but haven't come across any yet, but sometimes the thrill is in the hunt!!