Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I did enjoy my Christmas decorations this year, but with Valentine's Day this month, I wanted to move furniture around.  Now most of us don't have interchangeable sofas, but this was my first swap.  I mentioned to Mr. Thrifty days earlier that I was thinking of swapping one couch for the other.  He always has the logical thoughts on these plans of mine.  He did mention that I needed felt gliders for the feet of the office couch.  That was easy.
Have you ever noticed that once you start rearranging furniture, lots of cleaning transpires?

My challenge in this furniture escapade was to give the room a more romantic and time worn feel.

Grandma's vintage lamp glows with soft light.

Changing the gray and white rug out helped soften the scene.
Warmer tones of carpet invoke romance with dusty pinks and sage greens.

A picture frame valentine tray with a spot of tea ready to sip lays in wait on the coffee table .

An added glass Valentine given by a dear friend brings more love into the room.

A pine dresser sits as a library table behind the couch.

Sitting on the desk is an old quaint romantic print found at an estate sale.

and the print title
Later that night, while watching Downton Abbey with my daughter, she says to me, "Mom, I really like this couch!"  To look at her lounging on the armrest, I almost could imagine her residing in Downton Abbey. 

As much as I enjoy  our Ektorp Ikea sofa, I was reticent about changing the sofa out.  The very luxurious feel of the fabric on the recycled vintage sofa gave so much more warmth to the room.              
A welcomed change  for the room is complete.


  1. Beautiful!! And I love the picture frame idea for the coffee table. Everything looks so welcoming.

  2. Wendy, I am enjoying using cherished pictures at part of my displays.