Monday, December 7, 2015


Once I finished the Christmas suitcase display, I quickly realized that it would not fit on the fireplace mantle.  Then, I came up with an idea.
Cleaning off the Halloween mantle was the first step before creating my Christmas mantle.

After placing the wicket wine basket on the mantle, I added my vintage iron twine holder.

Placing two rolls of Christmas paper in the wine slots added some color.

  My red covered vintage books included a reader with a Christmas story.

Pulling a embroidered red felt tablecloth out of the closet, I laid it across the mantle.

After Christmas last year, I found a glass ornament at Pottery Barn for 50% off.  This vintage like auto with the tree on top started my whole idea on the mantle this Christmas.  I tucked it away until I was ready to start this year's Christmas mantle.  Placing the car on top of the small alligator suitcase brought back the memory of traveling home for the holidays.

A few evergreen branches accented with red berries filled in a few spaces.

The red and green Christmas colors cascade across the mantle.

I like the sun's reflection of the car ornament during the morning hours.

Added berries are placed  here and there.

More wicker baskets and a vintage suitcase are placed at the base of the mantle.

An added red plaid vintage suitcase was placed on top of the wicker.
This mantle is really a change from the past few years of mercury glass and crystalized branches.

At night time, the reflection of the ceiling pot light casts a beautiful glow.

 It took a bit of time to retrieve the Christmas stockings from the attic.  I think they work well with the mantle as is.  The stocking holders were placed in between the various Christmas items already placed on the mantle.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care......

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