Saturday, January 24, 2015


Initially when I created the office for Mr. Thrifty, I used this patriotic chair to use with the desk.

Even though the theme went with his office, the chair was just wrong for the space.

The chair arms didn't work with the desk at all.  So, I was in need of another chair to redo for this space.

I found this chair for $5.00 at an estate sale.


 Notice the 'padded seat'.  There is not one bit of foam or batting under the material.  It doesn't look too comfortable.

The back of the chair has a simple design. 

At a closer look, you will notice that 3 of the screw holes have lost their buttons.

Lucky for me, fifteen years ago, Mr. Thrifty had to rebuild my oak armoire that had many problems after the multiple moves.  I purchased this bag of oak buttons to cover such screws.  The most amazing thing was getting my hands on them.  They were still stored in the armoire just in case one of those buttons fell off.  

 The nice thing about these buttons is that they are made from oak so if you wanted to re-stain a piece of furniture with these button covers, it would match.

Looking at the side, the buttons fit perfectly into the holes.  All you need is some wood glue to attach them.

With leftover material from the slipcovered wing back chair.....

I was going to make a chair to compliment the room.  With a bit of sanding, painting it Lamp Black and changing out the deplorable chair seat, this new feature in the office will come back to life.

So, I better get busy to bring this sad chair back to life.

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