Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I realize that Christmas is behind us, but I wanted to write about a very easy ornament project.  You have 11 months to go back through your children or grandchildren's pictures and create your own Memory Tree.

Let's get started.......
Every year, I take one of the girls' pictures and place them into a mini ornament usually found at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.
Then, I place them on a 3 feet tree in my bedroom. 
 Since the girls were born, I have  updated it every year and made an ornament for each of them.
 This year, the only frame I could find for the wallet photo was a standing frame.

A somewhat blurry picture of the back of the frame...

 To create an ornament, I printed a picture of each of the girls out.
Once the photo was placed in the frame, I flipped the frame over.

  I went to the ribbon box  and cut a 7 inch piece of silver polka dotted ribbon.
Looping the ribbon to the top of the back of the frame and securing it with the glue gun was easy.

The last step was getting my labeler(This is one of my most favorite 'toys')
out and printed the year, 2015.
Using packing tape, I placed the date on the back of the frame. 
Here is the tree with the latest ornaments hung.

How easy was that???
Keep this easy 15 minute project available so you can begin making your tree for next year.
I think that it would be wise to go back through all my ornaments on the tree and label the dates too.  Oh my, another project........

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