Friday, May 1, 2015


Happy May Day!  The year is flying.  This month we will be getting ready for a high school graduation and all the activities leading up to it.  I am excited, and a bit melancholy thinking about my oldest going off to college.  She will have the time of her life, so I need to embrace this time with her.  Ok now on to the finished project.

You might recall the original state this piece was in prior to up-cycling. 

When we last visited this particular piece of furniture, it was in the rehabbing stage.  Divots were being filled with wood putty and then sanded when dried.
A final coat of sanding and I'm ready to drill the second hole for the crystal handle.

After a quick dry fit, the handle fit perfectly, so I can continue with my spray priming of the piece.

To give a  universal coat of primer, I used my favorite spray primer.

Spraying one coat of the primer will prepare the piece for the Lamp Black paint.  Notice the corner is completely fixed with the wood putty.

One good night of drying time and tomorrow the first coat of paint will be put on.

As you can see, it needs one more coat.

Don't be alarmed that the first coat is a bit streaky.  The second coat will do wonders.

The second coat covered well.

The final coat was a satin poly that did put a bit of a shine on it and the black looks much richer.  I love the end result.

The decorative work keeps the table from being plain.

Adding the glass crystal handle is like the frosting on the cake.  Bling, bling!!

Seems to be much more classy now.

Both the mosaic glass mirrored tiled mirror and bedside table compliment each other well.

The foyer will become decorated with my graduation display soon.

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