Saturday, May 30, 2015


When I purchased this silver plated champagne bucket at an estate sale for $15.00, I never realized how versatile of a piece it would become.

I have used it in multiple vignettes throughout the years.

Christmas 2012, it was used on the kitchen bar to hold a silver tinsel tree.

In 2013, it was placed on a round drum table holding the same tree at an angle.

This past Christmas, an oversized mercury ornament was placed in the bucket.

The majority of the time, this bucket resides in our parlor a trash basket.  I know that you think this is strange.

A trick I learned from a military wife years ago adds a bit of romance.  In the bottom of the bucket, I placed a paper drink doily.  Besides hiding the scratched inside of the bucket, it adds a bit of class.


Finding a new use for an estate sale piece is an easy fix, besides being economical.  Is there something lying around your house that you could repurpose?

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