Monday, September 28, 2015


I can't believe that it was back in February that I introduced you to my free Duncan Phyfe table.  With the painting going on, I hadn't gotten back to this project. 
The first major step was to fix the crippled table.
This is a picture of the fractured table leg.
When Mr. Thrifty first looked at it, he said that he would have to recreate the leg again.  I knew that would take a long time.  After a long discussion, he decided to drill 4 pilot holes and hammer 4 small nails into the end to give it more stability.  We glued the piece and waited overnight for it to dry.
The next day, it looked really bad, but I knew that with a lot of added wood putty and much more sanding, I could make it almost perfect.  After sanding the whole table, I could get it back to where it once was.
The front of the leg looked much better now before screwing it back to the table base.

Though still imperfect, I knew that I could completely mend this piece.  

The paint will cover up a multitude of sins.

Once we stood the table upright, it was very wobbly and not level.
Mr. Thrifty went to the wood pile and got a piece of oak out, cut them down and proceeded to secure them to the underneath of the table top.

Now it was very stable.

Once we set the level on it, we turned the table upside down again.  One leg had a metal cap on it.  Once that one cap was removed, the table was level.

Now I need to decide on a paint color and finish up the table.  You will have to wait a bit longer before she is completely finished.

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