Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So sorry that I have been out of the network for a week.  We had a very hectic week of graduation activities.

So now onto the posting.

In order to create a summer  mantle this summer, I went back to one of my vintage favorites--an old window.  I had a sentimental moment thinking back to Grandma's old house, in particular her garage.  When I moved into her house, I nailed a pair of chippy vintage shutters to the side of garage to surround the window. I hung a darling piece of lace behind the window.  With the flower box, it just screamed 'cottage'.(Please excuse the quality of the 'old' picture, but a very cute picture of my nephew.)

This was one of my most favorite window boxes. 

So this was my starting off point.  Off to the garage to pick out a old window.  This is one of my most favorites, and I hadn't found a new purpose for it, so I brought it in.  The rusty handle is one of my favorite parts.
 In order to replicate the summer window, I needed to find some type of lace.  In my drawer I had saved a Belgian lace valance that I purchased on one of my trips to visit a former teacher friend back in the 1980's.  I never had found a place for it, but an idea came to mind.  Isn't this a gorgeous piece of fabric?

I pulled out a desk stapler and stapled the 3 sides to the back of the window frame.
 Once stapled to the frame, I cut the remaining lace off.
I was happy with the fast results. 

I pulled out a hat with an pink peony on it and sat it on top of the mantle clock.

I found this willow basket at Good Will for $1.00.  Placing a few flower stems into the basket brings some height and dimension to the basket.

Hanging the willow basket onto the rusty window frame handle just seemed right.  I love the reflection of the lace in the mantle mirror.

Moving the white wicker basket full of blooms complimented the other side of the mantle.

With the sun shining in that corner of the room, it brings me back to the old homestead.

More rattan baskets are gathered at the base of the mantle.

I know this next picture isn't the best, but the light shining down brings the 'sun' into the room at night.

I think this scene will remain for the rest of the spring and summer.

A few days passed and I kept looking at the mantle thinking, something is missing.  Then it came to me--Grandma's vintage galvanized watering can!

Looking at the galvanized watering can reminds me that painting the walls of the foyer and great room are coming sooooon in our future!  I am so excited.  Mr. Thrifty signed on last night.(He does the painting, I am the gopher which is fine with me.)

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