Friday, May 3, 2013


It started with the birthday card.  Because I come from a large family, I began creating my own cards years ago.  In place of putting up bulletin boards in the past, this outlet let me hold on to this creative venture.  Also, I could personalize each card for every member of the family or friends.

Graphics Fairy and Vintage Moth gave me my first inspirations.  They send out free images as long as you don't make money on your product.

I found this cute image on Graphics Fairy.
After purchasing the Value Pack Blank cards and envelopes from Michael's or Hobby Lobby (use a coupon), I take out a card and fold it.
Fold the card on the scored line.  You are ready to create your card.
I take out my stamp and my stamp pad.  In this case, I used a brown stamping ink.
Randomly, I stamped the front of the card.
I took my postcard image and glued it onto the card.  An added piece of vintage lace, a mother of pearl button  and a salutation made off a word document, completed the card.  To give dimension, I put a foam dot under the Happy Birthday salutation.  Also, German glass glitter was added to embellish the broach.
You cannot go wrong making a card.  Mistakes don't happen, creations do.......
Try your hand at card making today.  In the future, I will share other cards that I have made.


  1. This is really pretty ! Maybe I'll have to give card making another try.

  2. Card making is so therapeutic for me. I think it means a whole lot more when you can make it so personalized. I have to admit, I am not a purist as far as acid free etc. goes. If a card can bring a smile to someone's face, it did it's job. Good luck Wendy!