Saturday, August 22, 2015


We are now in the last days of prepping to take our oldest daughter to college.  When we visited for orientation, they had pre-made bookshelves on sale.  The one we were interested in cost $240.00. 
It is a simple shelf to fit onto her desk.
 I knew Mr. Thrifty could make one for a fraction of the cost.  He bought the supplies to create this bookshelf for under $30.00. 
Two days later, I had a built, wood puttied and sanded bookshelf.
I am always amazed at the Mr.'s precision in building projects.  The corners are absolutely perfect.

At the ready, I had my favorite spray primer, the Rust-oleum 2x ultra cover. After flipping the bookshelf, I gave it one coat of paint. 

 In 30 minutes of drying time, it was ready to flip to finish the remainder of the shelf.

My new college student painted the shelf with Paris Grey Chalk Paint.  Two coats did the trick with a bit of sanding in between coats.

Once we got the room all fixed up the shelf really did give her added storage and looked good.  I think this shelf will follow her through her college years and prove to be a very handy piece of furniture.

To improve on this piece in the future would be easy.  Cutting a piece of bead board and nailing it to the back of the shelf would make it more sturdy.
 For now, I know she will be happy to use the shelf  while away at school.   The savings itself was an awesome feat.  Great job Mr. Thrifty!

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