Friday, August 7, 2015


A year ago last  Easter, I found a beautiful cut glass bowl with a silver plated base.  After talking to a dear friend,  she had commented that she had been looking for such a dish to hold her jewelry on her vanity.  I had written a posting about it over a year ago.
I just had to give it to her.  I had hopes of someday finding a similar piece again to keep for myself. 
 Last month, as I was attending a fabulous family reunion in Illinois, I saw about 90 relatives on my Mom's side.  One very special relative was my Mom's first cousin.  Throughout the years I have kept in contact with Marts.  She tells me stories about when my Mom lived with them out west.  She is a very significant person in my life.  My girls also witness what a strong matriarchal lineage we have in that family branch.  It is important to them because it gives them part of their own history. 
After our initial meeting before the family picnic, she mentioned that she had something for me.  When I opened the gift, I could hardly believe it.  It was almost  the identical bowl that I had passed on to my friend over a year ago.  She told me about the set of glassware that she had in her cabinet at home.  This bowl was one of those pieces.  How amazing was that!  I almost cried.  What were the chances that I would find that exact piece again.  I would like to think that the Holy Spirit had something to do with it.

Look at the design in the pressed glass.

Within 5 minutes of work with the silver polish, the bowl regains its original beauty.

Only my very special pieces of jewelry now line the bowl.
I will treasure this bowl forever.
Thank you Dear Marts!

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