Thursday, October 15, 2015


In terms of coming up with an idea for my Halloween mantle, I resorted to using the up cycled window that I had used last year--with a twist.
Because this window was so heavy, I wanted to make sure that leaned up against the mantle mirror, it would not topple.
Taking a good hefty chunk of tacky, I placed three globs underneath the bottom of the window that would be sitting on the mantle itself.
Once on the mantle, it felt very secure.

 I picked up this black spider web material for 75% off at the end of last Halloween season.  Originally the package cost $1.49 so it cost almost nothing.  After purchasing it, I left a note on the package reminding me to use it for this year's October mantle and placed it in my fall tub upstairs.

Leaving the suitcases on the mantle, I added a plastic black cauldron that one of my girls won from a party raffle last year.  Initially, I wanted to give it to Goodwill, but decided against it.  I'm so glad, because the black ties in with the spider web and black window frame.  The crow just had to have a place, so he was situated on top of the rattan suitcase.

 I am happy to say that this mantle cost me a matter of pennies, since the webbing was the only item purchased for this year's mantle.

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