Wednesday, October 7, 2015


It isn't often that I do a fairly simple up-cycling project, but today is the day.
My sister found this item at her Church's garage sale.  As far as function goes, I can see why someone would give this pitcher away.  People do not like to polish silver.  On the other hand, I love  polishing silver for therapy.  Strange as it seems, with a little elbow grease the most tarnished piece comes to new life.
I wonder what this pitcher was used for in its first life.

Out came my favorite polishing cream, Wrights. Within 5 minutes the silver plated lid was shiny.

Since I was using a lot of natural elements in my fall display this year, a package of wheat did the trick.  Simply dropping in the bunch of wheat transformed this neglected item into  treasure.

While appearing airy sitting on top of the porch post stand, it reflects the calming feel of a quiet autumn.

Thank you to my sister for seeing the potential in this splendid pitcher.
Simply beautiful.

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