Friday, October 2, 2015


 After living in the house for 5 years, we noticed that the mildew and mold had started to form on the gutters.  Many times, people power spray the residue off them.  Not to be outdone, Mr. Thrifty picked up a cleaner from Home Depot.

Because it is a concentrate, the Mr. diluted the mixture according to the directions.  Then he placed it in the pump sprayer. 

 Notice the grime underneath the gutter itself.

The directions say to spray on the mixture and wait 5 minutes.  We both got on ladders with our green scrubby pads and scrubbed.  It didn't take long to figure out that it needed another dose of spray and another scrubbing to really clean them.

Notice the difference in the left and right sides of the house.

 Another before picture.

The back side is now clean.  We would wait for another day to attack the second side of the house.

 It did take a lot of elbow grease.  Without the scrubbing, neither one of us were satisfied with the results.

The front is waiting to be done.

The next weekend, we cleaned the side of the house.  I think this is going to be a 4 weekend project.

We decided to increase the cleaning solvent and doubled the amount to the next batch of water.  It really did a much better job.  There is just no way around the scrubbing though. 

The front façade was finished on Sunday.  The results were great. 

 Despite all of my complaining about this seemingly endless job, I have to admit that Mr. Thrifty was right.  The house appears to be newly built now that the gutters have that pristine look once again.

 I hope that the next time this job comes around in another 5 years, we can hire someone to do it.

After this physical job, you will not believe what is up Mr. Thrifty's sleeve next?  Transplanting 2, yes, 2 trees that we planted 4 years ago!!!  Granted, he will be doing the digging, but I still have to assist in getting them up the back hill to their new location.  I asked him if this was the absolute last, back breaking job.  I did NOT get a definitive answer. 

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