Tuesday, April 12, 2016


After removing the crystals, I noticed that a lot of the attaching brass connectors and brass pins were missing or broken.  On closer inspection, regular wire was used.  I went online and purchased these two items along with 3 missing crystals.  They arrived quickly and I was very pleased with the items.  They were purchased through Crystal Prism World.

Once the brass was polished, the crystals needed to be washed.  This took about 5 more days because of the amount of crystals that hang from this light fixture.

I washed them in Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean the crystals.  One by one, each one was carefully washed and then placed on a washcloth in the other sink to rinse them.

Notice the clarity of the crystals.  I am so thrilled!

                                                                Notice the crooked pins.

New pins and connectors were purchased from Crystal Prism World.

The chandelier still needs to be rewired as one of the bulbs flickers. 

Once all the crystals are cleaned, the new pins and connectors will be attached. 

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