Saturday, April 16, 2016


Since Valentine's Day, the view from the kitchen remained the same.  I placed the estate sale tea service on the Duncan Phyfe side table. 

With spring approaching, I wanted to add some florals into the room.

I really am happy that I went with the grey wall paint.  Silver compliments it so well.

I stopped by Michaels since they were having a sale on their florals.  With 50% off the price, I basically paid $10.00 for the bushes of lavender.  I think they are very realistic looking for the price.

The lavender compliments the background grey paint perfectly.  Very subtle, yet very soothing.

Why get a vase out when I have the coffee pot as a receptacle?

As my Grandmother used to say, 'A word to the wise'.  Always be on the lookout for realistic faux flowers.  A little bit of color will brighten up any room.

I can keep this setting up indefinitely.

Remember, not all changes have to be dramatic.  Some take very little time.  Instant gratification for me.

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