Sunday, June 19, 2016


I think I am writing today's post more for my siblings than for my Dad.  Bear with me.

My Dad was a stamp collector, but not in the usual sense of the word.  Yes, he purchased stamps for his collections, but he also saved almost all of the stamps that came in the mail at our house.  I recall one time hearing him say that he was saving them for the missions, but I don't know if they were worth money for those in the third world country.  At our house it wouldn't be uncommon to see a hand towel spread out on the top of the dryer with used stamps drying after being removed from their envelopes.

When Mom was cleaning out her house, I came upon a few stashes of these saved stamps.  I offered to take them off her hands(giggle, giggle) and use them in my card making crafts.

While wrapping Mr. Thrifty's Father's Day gift this year, I grabbed a new roll of wrapping paper from the pile.
 I also got out the mailing Kraft paper to wrap a few presents.  With a bit of twine, and Dad's preserved stamps, a present worthy of a great Dad was created.

My Dad gave his children many gifts.  I miss him still.  I'm sure he is at heaven with a smile on his face knowing  that I save EVERY eggshell and all the coffee grounds in my kitchen to compost to make such a splendid perennial garden. 

I love you Dad!

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