Friday, June 24, 2016


When my sister was visiting last week, we went shopping for flowers.  I found a beautiful lavender pink geranium.  I wanted to place it on the front porch, but needed to find an appropriate stand.

I didn't have to look far since I have the two porch posts that Mr. Thrifty built for me a few years back.

Adding one of Grandma's crocheted doilies to the top of the post gave it a bit of romance.

Last summer, I picked up a willow bicycle basket at an estate sale.  This item would be perfect to hold the majestic pink geranium.

The back of the basket.

I will enjoy the blooms all summer.

The week before, I planted the French blue chair with various annual flowers. As the summer begins, I hope that this basket will overflow with colorful blooms.

The winter pansies are doing very well right now. I added some hot pink vinca and verbena to the mix.  Once the heat comes, I will need  to plant some pink and purple annuals, but for right now, I will enjoy the view.

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