Monday, December 5, 2016


It's cookie time.  And here is the ambitious list for Christmas this year.

However, if you look closely, you will see that I already have one of the cookies made--well, I cheated a little bit.

It's that time again to start prepping for cookie making for the Christmas holidays.  I have written out a list and already made my first cookie.  Ok, I cheated a bit, but I thought this would be great for working Moms.

I bought these Spekulas at my Aldi's down the street.  Each bag contained 60 cookies.

In order to make them look a bit more homemade, I bought a bag of Wilton's white chocolate candy melts.

Once the chocolate was melted in a double boiler, I dipped each cookie so half of them were covered.

Within 20 minutes, I finished icing all of the cookies and once put in a tin, my first Christmas cookie was finished.

Now, only 13 more to go.  And the Christmas cooking begins!!!

As I update this list, as of today, I have finished making 9 of these cookies and just need to pipe the frosting in the thumbprints.  So lets get started.


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