Friday, December 16, 2016


Since receiving this beautiful birdcage from my dear friend, I was hoping to use it as the base of my displays throughout the year.  After the Christmas holidays are over, I am sad having to put all the glistening ornaments away.  This year, I decided to extend the holidays into winter and keep some of that spirit in the house.

For autumn, I filled it with faux gourds.

After Christmas, I was excited to bring some holiday cheer to the fixture.   I removed the autumn gourds and replaced them with my crystal embellished ornaments.

Very carefully, I took off the top tower in order to place the ornaments inside.  After taking the tree down, I take the handmade tree skirt and lay that as the first layer on the dining room buffet.

Next, I take all the crystal and silver ornaments and  carefully start stacking them inside the birdcage.

Close the top and I'm done.

Notice how the natural light catches all that glistens.

Putting the two mercury glass candle sticks on each end of the buffet.

I love the fact that I can use the Christmas ornaments in more than one way.

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