Sunday, December 11, 2016


For some reason, while writing my posts lately, the spacing has been rather erratic.  While writing these posts, I don't see those extra spaces.  I apologize in advance.

You know I love to make collages.  I don't know if it reminds me of making Barbie shoe box houses growing up or not.  I couldn't wait to get a old Sears catalog and cut furniture, drapes and appliance pictures out to paste into the shoe box.  Those were the old days!

Or it could be that it is the one visual piece that doesn't have any rules.  Casually thrown multiple textures of images onto a canvas don't look pretentious.  When carefully looking at this new collage, there is a very clear idea that comes through.  Placing the collage on a clear window using vellum papers gives the visual a romantic vintage theme.  Memories of Christmas gone by allows you to sift through those memories:  The birth of Jesus, winter frolicking in the snow, cutting down the annual Christmas tree, singing Christmas carol, receiving Christmas messages in the mail and angels watching over the entire scene.  You just can't help having a good feeling come over you after looking into this collage.  I hope you enjoy it!

It all started with one of my vintage windows.

I wanted to incorporate the door decoration that I made for Mom from a porch baluster years ago.

Besides using picture images, I wanted to use other textures, thus came the thought of using multiple ribbons.

Glittered ornaments would be used too.

When I printed off my images from the computer, I used only translucent paper.  I was thinking that once placed on the window glass, the light cast between the two would be very soothing.  All of the images share my thoughts on those important Christmastide scenes.

At first, I placed the images behind the glass.  This caused a problem in that I couldn't use any adhesive because it would cause imperfections in the overall project.

It was easy to remedy the situation to place the images on top of the glass. I used a white glue stick to attach them.

Then the ribbons and glittered ornaments were attached with the glue gun.

Let's look at the end result.

You see Religious music, Angels, the Annunciation...

vintage French Christmas tidings,

German Christmas tree gathering...

pleated ivory ribbon...

the birth of Jesus....

a Christmas carol....

and attached to the top of the window frame, a vintage gold embellished picture hanger.

It felt so appropriate to hang the new collage next to the upcycled chandelier.

You can see why I named this piece-Christmastide.

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